Retinol & Vitamin A

Retinol & Vitamin A

While retinoids are widely embraced in the skincare industry for their skin-regulating benefits, navigating through the various types of retinoids and determining what your skin truly requires can be overwhelming.

But what if we shared a secret with you? You don't actually need retinol.

What are retinoids? 

Retinol, the widely used Vitamin A variant in skincare, is recognised for its skin-smoothing and cell-regulating properties. As popular skin regulators in the industry, retinoids face fierce competition among brands striving to capture your attention.

This intense competition has let to marketing hype, with brands boasting about higher percentages, advanced delivery systems, faster results, superior potency, and unique ingredient combinations. This overwhelming array of claims confuses consumers seeking what is right and healthiest for the skin. 

Adding to the complexity are the challenges of formulating retinoids, including molecular structure size, stability and delivery. Retinol, with its small molecular structure, can easily penetrate and potentially irritate the skin, necessitating the use of encapsulates delivery systems like liposomes to ensure stability and minimum irritation. 

Vital A derivatives are also synthetic, cause photosensitivity with the sun, can cause irritation, redness and flakiness to the skin and must be avoided during pregnancy. 

The Challenge with retinoids... 

The first challenge in using retinoids is the risk of incorrect or excessive application, which can compromise the delicate skin barrier, leading to sensitisation, irritation, and inflammation. Prolonged inflammation can contribute to potential inflammatory ageing. 

Additionally, overstimulating cells too quickly and excessively can disrupt the skin's functionality. When cells are reproduced too rapidly, they may not function as effectively as intended. 

Lastly, combining retinoids with different ingredients like AHA/BHAs, Vitamin A & C, or multiple acids can create an unfavourable skim match or potentially neutralise their effects when used together. Careful consideration of ingredients is essential for optimal results. 

Natural Vitamin A

Consider a safe and natural Vitamin A for your skin with our Br Rosehip Oil. Unlike synthetic retinol, this plant-based oil contains natural trans-retinoic acid, which delivers rejuvenation without irritation. 

Cold pressed and unrefined, it's enriched with alpha linoleic, linoleic oils and Vitamin E to nourish, regulate and brighten your skin. Plus, it's synthetic free and fragrance free, organic and suitable for all skin types. 

Try it as your alternative to synthetic retinoids and enjoy daily skin rejuvenation and peace of mind. 

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