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Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum

Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum

Increases collagen production, skin elasticity and suppleness. Helps to even out skin tone and brightness and protects from environmental damage with plant Vitamin C.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan


Use for ageing, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, early ageing spots, pigmentation, redness and blemishes.

Biologi products are safe for use during pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant, it’s always recommended to check with your practitioner before introducing new products to your routine.


HERO INGREDIENT: Australian Native Kakadu Plum

  • Our serums contain 99.8% Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Australian Native Kakadu Plum) Fruit Extract and the smallest percentage (0.2%) of Sodium Benzoate, a safe preservative to preserve the natural plant extracts while not compromising the results that Biologi delivers.
  • During the C.L.E.C.S.™ II extraction process distilled water and organic plant derived glycerin are used as a solvent. This enables the extraction of plant nutrients in a liquid matrix with our Bio-Key™ technology, protecting the natural actives and allowing the serum to perform on the skin just as it does in the plant. No additional water or glycerin is added to the final product.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate


Phyto-actives are actives extracted from plants, delivered in the plants liquid matrix in a active stable form.

  • Plant Based Natural Vitamin C - increases the suppleness of skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases elasticity, inhibits melanogenesis and reduces dark circles and sunspots. The powerful active nutrient also helps combat skin damage from harmful UV rays.
  • Gallic Acid - Gallic acid is a phenolic acid that works as a potent anti-oxidant, reduces DNA damage, inhibits melanogenesis and improves skin texture.
  • Ellagic Acid - Another phenolic acid, ellagic acids helps in the treatment of chronic UV exposure, reduces the potential of photoaging, inhibits melanogenesis and reduces membrane liquid peroxidation and DNA damage.


  • After cleansing, apply Bk Vitamin C Face & Eye Serum to a dry skin.
  • Use one pump for face and two pumps for face and neck.
  • Use ¼ pump for the eye area and gently apply around orbital area.
  • Apply SPF during the day.

It is common to experience potential skin adjustment when you first introduce this serum, therefore if you are new to Biologi serums, we recommend starting with once per day in the first week and then morning and evening from week 2.

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Award Winner!

The Australian Brand Awards - Product Innovation Winner 2022


Use for

Bk serum aims to diminish fine lines and firm delicate skin.

Bk Vitamin C is highly recommended for anyone concerned with ageing, sun damage, pigmentation or redness and can be used on the face and eye area.

Plant extract

Kakadu Plum

Sourced from indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, the Kakadu Plum plant is known to contain high levels of Vitamin C. Kakadu Plum extract helps to promote collagen production in the skin to increase suppleness and diminish signs of ageing.

It also works well on skins with pigmentation and redness/discolouration.

Phyto-actives include: Vitamin C, Gallic Acid and Ellagic acid.



The story

Founded in 2017, Biologi is a profoundly different approach to skincare that delivers unheard of results. Australian based, made and owned, we are entirely accountable for the production process and lifecycle of our products - from plant to bottle to pore.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Bk On My Eyes?

You can use Bk serum to target the delicate eye area and face. Be careful not to layer the serums as the actives from each extract work synergistically as they do in the plant so combining the actives could have a negative effect and your serums may not work as well.

What’s The Difference Between Vitamin C And Ascorbic Acid?

Vitamin C is a natural active found in fruits such as oranges, lemons, and Kakadu plum (Bk serum). Ascorbic acid is a synthetic product made by scientists in a lab. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable when exposed to air or water, and ascorbic acid adds synthetic stabilisers to vitamin C extracts, so it can be used in skincare products.

Does Sodium Benzoate And Vitamin C Create Benzene?

The vitamin C naturally occurring in Bk Face & Eye Serum is extracted using a revolutionary system that keeps the key phytonutrients intact. Unlike synthetic forms of vitamin C such as ascorbic acid, L-ascorbic acid and d-ascorbic acid that are created in a labhehe tha. While popular theories state that ascorbic acid and sodium benzoate react to create benzene – a known carcinogenic – it’s impossible for the plant vitamin C extracted to make our water-soluble serums to cause this reaction because we don’t add synthetic ascorbic acid to our products.

Can I Use The Bk On My Scars?

Yes, Bk Face & Eye Serum contains phyto-actives and nutrients which are excellent in strengthening the immunity of the skin, helping to protect, repair and brighten it. We recommend pairing the Bk Serum it with our Br Rosehip Oil for scarring for its added benefits with scarring concerns. For a customised regime, please reach out to our qualified skin experts.