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Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Bf Restore Face & Body Serum

Our hero serum and your new Bff contains a unique combination of phyto-actives from fruit extracts that nourish and protect the whole body and face. The ideal serum for anyone with sensitive, dry and irritated skin who is looking for a boost of hydration.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan


For all skin types and conditions. Use for dehydration, sensitive skin, redness, irritation or impaired skin barriers.

Biologi products are safe for use during pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant, it’s always recommended to check with your practitioner before introducing new products to your routine.


HERO INGREDIENT: Australian Native Finger Lime

  • Our serums contain 99.8% Citrus Australasica (Australian Native Finger Lime) Fruit Extract and the smallest percentage (0.2%) of Sodium Benzoate, a safe preservative to preserve the natural plant extracts while not compromising the results that Biologi delivers.
  • During the C.L.E.C.S.™ II extraction process distilled water and organic plant derived glycerin are used as a solvent. This enables the extraction of plant nutrients in a liquid matrix with our Bio-Key™ technology, protecting the natural actives and allowing the serum to perform on the skin just as it does in the plant. No additional water or glycerin is added to the final product.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Citrus Australasica Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate


Phyto-actives are actives extracted from plants, delivered in the plants liquid matrix in a active stable form.

  • Rutin - is a powerful antioxidant with potent calming potential. Rutin improves skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and refines skin to give a clear complexion and even tone.
  • Tryptophan - an alpha amino acid that helps protect the skin from damaging environmental factors such as UV damage that can cause dryness and sensitivity to delicate skin cells. Tryptophan builds protein hydrolysate to lock in moisture and hydrate and strengthen skin cells deep within the dermal layer.
  • Ferulic Acid - a hydroxycinnamic acid that hydrates and protects against free radical and environmental damage caused from exposure to UV rays and pollution.


  • After cleansing, apply Bf Restore Face & Body Serum to a clean dry skin.
  • Use one pump for face and two pumps for face and neck.
  • Use 2 pumps per body part.
  • Apply SPF during the day.

It is common to experience potential skin adjustment when you first introduce this serum, therefore if you are new to Biologi serums, we recommend starting with once per day in the first week and then morning and evening from week 2.

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One sold every 15 minutes globally!

We don’t need any more proof that Bf Restore Face & Body Serum is our most hydrating, nourishing serum for all skin types, but if we did, selling one every 15 minutes across the globe would be it!


Use for

Increases moisture retention and protects from environmental factors. Increases collagen production, skin elasticity, suppleness, skin tone and brightness.

It is a multi-use serum that can also be used on the face, hair and is perfect to use on long haul travel or to increase hydration throughout the day.

Plant extract

Australian Finger Lime

Sourced from the Byron Bay Hinterland in New South Wales, Finger Lime extract provides a unique blend of Rutin, Ferulic Acid and Tryptophan. Finger Lime is the ideal plant ingredient for anyone with sensitive, dry and irritated skin looking for a boost of hydration. 

Phyto-actives include: Rutin Tryptophan, Ferulic Acid.



The story

Founded in 2017, Biologi is a profoundly different approach to skincare that delivers unheard of results. Australian based, made and owned, we are entirely accountable for the production process and lifecycle of our products - from plant to bottle to pore.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bf Safe To Use During Pregnancy And On Babies?

While we consider Biologi safe to use through Pregnancy, we provide further information regarding pregnancy on each individual product page. For babies, as a baby’s skin is delicate, thinner and more fragile than adult skin, we don’t recommend the use of Biologi on babies. For Biologi Bf Restore Serum we don’t recommend using on babies under 2 years of age and we always recommend performing a patch test on all babies and children prior to using Biologi. If unsure, we suggest you seek medical advice.

Is The Bf Okay For Sensitive Skin?

Biologi has hundreds of successful skin results from customers with sensitive skin that have used Biologi, however, if you have reactive skin, we recommend performing a simple patch test first. However, Biologi does not recommend the use of any Biologi product on open wounds or broken skin. If you are unsure about starting any new skincare product, please refer to your medical practitioner.

Is The Bf Effective On Stretch Marks?

Yes absolutely. The Finger Lime extract in the Bf Restore serum can increase the suppleness of the skin. This can really help improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Can Teenagers With Breakout And Problematic Skin Use This Serum?

Bf Restore Serum is a great choice for tweens and teenagers. For a young problematic/breakout skin that is also experiencing redness and barrier impairment, we recommend using the Bf Restore Serum. Once the skin is restored and redness reduced, we advise to slowly introduce Bd Luminosity Serum to further target the breakouts. We recommend seeking advice from one of our qualified skin experts for a customised regime.