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Bd Luminosity Face Serum

Bd Luminosity Face Serum

Increases skin glow, hydration, skin strength, helps to keep breakout prone and problematic skin clear and aims to reduce associated redness.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan


Breakout prone/problematic, oily and congested skin concerns. Early ageing and onset of fine lines. Dull skin. Keratosis Pilaris.

Biologi products are safe for use during pregnancy. However, if you are pregnant, it’s always recommended to check with your practitioner before introducing new products to your routine.


HERO INGREDIENT: Australian Native Davidson Plum

  • Our serums contain 99.8% Davidsonia Jerseyana (Davidson Plum) Fruit Extract and the smallest percentage (0.2%) of Sodium Benzoate, a safe preservative to preserve the natural plant extracts while not compromising the results that Biologi delivers.
  • During the C.L.E.C.S.™ II extraction process distilled water and organic plant derived glycerin are used as a solvent. This enables the extraction of plant nutrients in a liquid matrix with our Bio-Key™ technology, protecting the natural actives and allowing the serum to perform on the skin just as it does in the plant. No additional water or glycerin is added to the final product.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Davidsonia Jerseyana Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate


Phyto-actives are actives extracted from plants, delivered in the plants liquid matrix in a active stable form.

  • Gallic acid - is a phenolic acid that works as a potent anti-oxidant, reduces DNA damage, inhibits melanogenesis and improves skin disorders.
  • Tartaric acid - is a natural fruit acid that stimulates cell growth to modulate skin barrier function. Further, tartaric acid clears blocked pores to reduce the impact of acne and reduces coloured pigmentation allowing even skin colour.
  • Anthocyanin - is a flavonoid that reduces DNA damage, improves mitochondrial functionality, provides protection from UV radiation and promotes new cell growth for a bright, even complexion.
  • Quercetin - is a flavonoid that reduces the redness caused by sensitive skin and skin complaints such as acne. Quercetin also provides powerful antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals.


  • After cleansing, apply Bd Luminosity Serum to a clean dry skin.
  • Use one pump for face and two pumps for face and neck.
  • Apply SPF during the day.

It is common to experience potential skin adjustment when you first introduce this serum, therefore if you are new to Biologi serums, we recommend starting with once per day in the first week and then morning and evening from week 2.

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Results Driven...

"Within only 3 weeks I have noticed such a change in my skin. It is so bright, smooth, and my breakouts have completely slowed down and are healing faster than before."

Customer Testimonial - Megan 2023


Use for

The nutrients in Davidson Plum extract make Bd Luminosity Face Serum an all-round face serum that treats a range of skincare conditions while working with the body’s natural hydrating processes to nourish cells from the inside out to create an even, luminous skin tone.

Plant extract

Davidson Plum

Sourced from the Byron Bay hinterland in New South Wales and South East Queensland, Davidson Plum extract is a storehouse of antioxidants and flavonoid properties. Davidson Plum works on problematic and breakout prone skin and helps nourish cells from the inside out to create an even, luminous skin tone.

Phyto-actives include: Gallic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Anthocyanin & Quercetin.



The story

Founded in 2017, Biologi is a profoundly different approach to skincare that delivers unheard of results. Australian based, made and owned, we are entirely accountable for the production process and lifecycle of our products - from plant to bottle to pore.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bd Serum Fix My Acne?

Bd serum can reduce redness associated with acne and can clear pores to lessen the chances and severity of breakouts.

How Often Should I Use Bd Serum?

We suggest starting with once per day to begin with and increase to twice per day if needed.

Will Bd Make My Skin Break Out?

Bd is highly active which is why it yields incredible results. Yes, it can cause your skin to go through a purge stage, but trust us when we say that a skin purge is one of the best things that can happen to your cells! While clear skin is the end result, common signs of a short-term skin purge can include: -Break outs -Oily skin -Sticky texture on the skin Our customer Service team are here to answer any of your concerns on skin purging, use the contact page to get in touch today.

Does The Bd Replace My Weekly Exfoliant?

We recommend seeking professional skin advice for a
customised regime.