Our Founder

Our Founder

Ross Macdougald, visionary behind Biologi and Phytoverse and Plant Extracts. Throughout his career, Ross can be credited with developing countless products and formulated active ingredients which are currently sold in brands across the globe.

Driven by demand from the industry for similar ethical products, in 2008, Ross commenced his journey in pioneering a revolutionary plant extraction method C.L.E.C.S.™ II (Cold Liquid Extraction Closed System). This signalled the launch of the company Plant Extracts which supplies active plant extracts to various industries. These extracts are revolutionary, not only because they significantly outperform synthetic alternatives, but for their purity and ethical production.

For Ross, the journey did not stop there. He became frustrated at the low levels of plant actives that were added to products and often only for marketing and labelling claims. Brands were increasingly diminishing the levels of active ingredients meaning that what was found on the shelves was largely synthetic ingredients rendering the natural extracts useless.

Wanting to change the game, Ross launched Biologi in 2017, using the extraction system ( C.L.E.C.S.™ II), which mimics the plant’s internal closed process to extract serums that work in the bottle as they do in their unique cellular environment. In 2019, Ross and Plant Extracts built the revolutionary new version of the extraction technology with C.L.E.C.S.™ II.

Today Ross continues to explore the development of ground-breaking technology and game-changing ingredients, ensuring that people around the world have access to natural, superior and effective phyto-nutrients that truly work.

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