Body care is IN!

Body care is IN!

The rising demand for body care and wellness rituals has propelled the growth for the body care market. Consumers are experiencing a trend of awareness for using natural, plant based and organic ingredients in all areas of body care products.  This is reflected in statistics that show in 2021 that the global body care market was worth over 25 billion and that it’s expected to rise by 6% yearly until 2028. 

As skin experts, we have always advocated in caring for the skin on our body, after all, the skin is our largest organ.  As the first line of defence, our skin provides a barrier from the outside world, maintains temperature regulation, produces vitamin D, helps protect against harmful and is a sensory and immune organ. 

When it comes to the skin on our body, there are many common skin conditions that we may see: 

Keratosis Pilaris: Keratosis Pilaris is common in both children and adults. Its basically a challenge with the overproduction of a skin protein called keratin that blocks the follicles causing the bumps and redness. Presents as red, rough and bumpy spots on arms and thighs. Research shows that there may be a link to genetics, vitamin A deficiency and those that suffer from eczema, asthma, or allergies may be more prone.  

Ingrown HairsAre very common post hair removal and happens when the hair curls back and penetrates into the skin, causes a foreign body reaction. This can mean bacteria and redness.  Help reduce by keeping skin clear.  We recommend the Bd Luminosity Serum as a spot treatment for ingrown hairs as the AHA keep the skin clear and the Flavonoids help reduce the associated redness. 

Eczema and dermatitis: Dermatitis/Eczema are very common inflammations of the skin which may be caused by the immune system.  Keeping the skin and helping to improve the barrier function is key.  We recommend the Bf Restore Serum which helps to provide hydration and may be calming for irritations. 

Psoriasis: A chronic condition that presents as red, scaly lesions and with no cure, psoriasis can be influenced by trigger factors like stress, hormonal factors and environment can effect it. Keep the skin hydrated and protected with Br Rosehip Oil which contains essential fatty acids and vitamins to nourish and soothe the skin. 

Skin dimpling – Cellulite: Cellulite is a common condition and presents itself as a dimpling in the skin. Men and women may be susceptible, but its more prevalent in women due to the distribution of fat cells and connective tissue. Dry body brushing, lymphatic massage may help to reduce the appearance along with a balanced diet, reduced salt, alcohol and caffeine.  Gentle exfoliation regularly with Activate Body Scrub will encourage circulation and applying the Bf Restore Face & Body Serum daily will help to keep the body skin in these areas nourished giving the skin a healthy glow. 

Just like you face, seasonally, the skin on your body may change too. 

In winter with lower humidity and cold temperatures, your body skin may become dry, dehydrated and flaky. We may also be less inclined to use body products simply because we don’t want to expose our body to the cold for long, and we tend to have hotter showers, leading to increased skin dryness.  

Aim to include exfoliation and increase hydration with our Bf Restore. Include Br Rosehip Oil on any areas that may be overexposed to the winter chill. 

In Summer, we are exposed to higher UV sun damage, so this is the time to invest in a great SPF.  We love Mother and The Kind.  Exfoliate regularly for extra skin smoothness and to encourage cell renewal and always apply a hydrating serum to keep skin hydrated.  

Spring: is the highest for skin immunity due to increased pollens so you may see increased skin irritation on the body.  Don’t introduce too many products if you are prone to allergy driven skin challenges and aim to keep the skin barrier protected with hydrating Bf Restore Serum. 


The Biologi Body Regime 

  1.  Try a daily ritual of dry body brushing. Dry body brushing helps with superficial lymph to help remove toxins and waste whilst also gently micro-foliating.   
  2. Bc Refresh Cleanser is a serum type cleanser that can also be used on the body and for shaving to reduce shaving irritation.  This soap free unique cleanser will effectively cleanse without stripping or drying the skin. 

  3. We love to use it on the Biologi Body Cleansing Mitt – simply pump 2 pumps onto the wet cloth and massage over body.  Rinse to remove excess. 

  4. For daily skin conditioning, you cannot beat the Bf Restore Face and BODY serum.  This hero product is great multitasker for the body due that helps to hydrate and nourish the skin on the body.  It comes in a body sized 100ml too!  

  5. Once a week, exfoliate with the Activate Body Scrub. This helps to remove dulling skin cells on the body with the salt and sugar formula, encouraging healthy cell turnover whilst revitalising body and leaving it nourished and supple. 


Need some body skin guidance? Ask our skin experts here. 

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